Original Percy Guidry barbecue grill was built in 1963. The Cajun Grill Has Been A Staple In Many Louisiana Homes. After Years Of Fine Tuning, Today's Cajun Grill Is Set To Exceed Strength And Quality Standards.



California Dreamin'...or should we say "Smokin"?

I bought my black steel Cajun Grill in the Spring of 2007. I finally replaced the charcoal tray after 11 years. This is the best BBQ made. I bought the large stainless steel model for my company UPS Logistics and barbecued for 100's of employees in 2006. My personal one is the smaller black steel model. I've used it countless times. My kids grew up watching dad BBQ on it. They now will not order steak in a restaurant because they say they like mine better. I recommended Cajun Grills to a company in La Verne Ca. Outdoor Elegance, and they now sell them. For those who prefer gas I say take an opportunity and buy a Cajun Grill. They are the best on the market!

Pierre V

Hi Gregg: Thank you for your prompt response… I will gladly take picture of my new outdoor kitchen at my country house when I am up there this weekend and send them to you! You are upping your game on the quality of your pits, which was already excellent… this stainless model is the best one I have bought yet, and I have four. All the best, Pierre (Cajun Preaux Built-in)


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