Fried BBQ Stuffed Hamburgers…on the Cajun Grill

Grilling with the Guru – S6E9 – Fried Stuffed Burgers


One of the things Keith & Curt love to do is “think outside the box” when conjuring up recipes for their show. Sometimes…they go off the rails! This is that one time. It’s a cajun take on a classic American cheese burger. We’re talking ground chuck, and veil! Everyone, pretty much, has heard of or even tried themselves a “stuffed hamburger” on the grill. This is ground meat that has been stuffed with a variety of cheese…like cheddar, Monterrey Jack, provolone, etc.  Well, in discussing this concept, Curt’s light bulb went off. “…What if we bread and fry the burger on the Cajun Grill?” The rest is history, and in this episode of “Grillin’ with the Guru”…you will see it first hand how to recreate this grilled masterpiece! You will love the beefy flavor provided by the combination of the different meats and gooey melted cheese inside. Give this crowd favorite a try at your next cookout or backyard BBQ. And be sure to check out our recipes for homemade mayo and cast-iron ketchup. Mais, you’ll never go back to the store bought.

Bon Appetit’!