The Guidry’s cooking/hunting with the Robertson’s!

Seems that the Robertson’s and the Guidry’s have more in common than they realized. Mr. Phil called and wanted a grill like his son Willie…the new Cajun Preaux. Only one condition “you boys have to come up here and cook for us at our house like you did for Willie” said Miss Kay, Phil’s bride. DONE! They even took the Guidry’s out on a Teal hunt to boot. “Truly a blessing to spend time with such a wonderful family…God loving group of people” claimed Gregg Guidry, partner in the Cajun Grill. So, what did they cook for the crew after the hunt? Alligator, frog leg, and bass Sauce Picquant’ over white rice. Keith Guidry, the other half of the partnership, claims that his wife the night before commented “I’m sure they eat regular food too…like a steak?!!!” But these are men who live off the land, and they loved the food. And Phil was particularly fascinated how the rice was cooked on the grill…no rice cooker needed. “There is really nothing you can’t cook on this grill” Keith says…”it’s literally and outdoor kitchen…just wood fired”. After the hunt, the camera crew was set up and ready to shoot an episode of “In the Woods with Phil” a subscription TV series on featuring the Guidry’s and their new Cajun Preaux & Super Cajun Grill…soon to air. “Since we’ve been back, we have called Miss Kay several times to see how Phil was enjoying his new Cajun Grill…and her comments have been great”. The latest conversation just yesterday was “…Phil loves grilling, but I have never seen him grill more since he got his Cajun Grill…and everything is delicious!” says Miss Kay. God bless these wonderful people!