When making a Maque Choux…it’s all about the Crude’!

A Classic Southern Dish, Cooked Cajun Grill Style

Crude’, as my daddy fondly called it, is the break down of the sugar leaching out of the corn during the “frying” portion of cooking a Cajun Maque Choux. And according to his expert opinion, it’s the most important part. Once the water from the corn has evaporated, the sugars in the corn begin to caramelize.  “This is where the flavor or love comes into the dish…no Crude’, no love!”

Remember, don’t over work the corn into a mush. Be gentle when stirring so the corn maintains its shape. When you think grills, many people think of huge slabs of meat drenched in BBQ sauce. Maque Choux is a great example of a charcoal grill’s versatility of the wide range of foods out stainless steel grills can be used for. Get you a copy of his cookbook, and start honing your Maque Choux skills… and don’t forget the Crude’!